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Hotel Reviews: Why it Matters?

Choosing a hotel is one of the most important and probably stressful things to decide on when travelling.

Luckily, gone were the days when we have limited resources in choosing hotels relying only on flyers, brochures, or even just what travel agencies would recommend.

With the prominence of platforms such as TripAdvisor, social media sites particularly Facebook and Instagram, as well as Online Travel Agents (OTA) such as Agoda, and Expedia, travelers are just a click-away from comparing lodging accommodations.

Whether you’re looking for what suits your budget the most, what’s the closest to the landmarks and attractions that you want to visit, what offers the best services and updated facilities, make your planning easier by checking out online reviews.

In fact, a survey conducted by TrustYou, one of the largest guest feedback platforms revealed that:

  • After price, “Review Score” is the most important decision variable that travelers need to convince themselves to book a certain accommodation.

Regardless if it’s a guest who is eager to express his positive praises for the property or someone who noticed a few things to improve on, reviews can dictate a company’s reputation online.

So as a traveler, what should you look out for and consider when checking hotel reviews?

When, Where, and Why

Look into when the review was posted. Reviews made recently will provide a clearer outlook on what the property looks today, and what to expect on your visit.

It also helps to check where the reviewers are mostly from. With this, you can assume whether the property is frequented by local or foreign guests.

Most travelers would also indicate why they left a review. This will give you an insight on their experience and more importantly what they “felt” during their stay.

Traveller Photos

On TripAdvisor, reviewers and contributors can share their own photos of the property. This can give you a visual on how the property’s facilities, services and amenities looks like today.

Management Feedback

Another thing to look out for is the management’s response, whether it’s thanking a guest for praising the hotel or giving an insight over a negative rating, seeing how active the manager is in providing feedback gives an impression that they listen and is attentive to what their guests have to say.

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Creative Ways to Document Your Travel

We take so much time planning on a trip, yet we often stick to a basic social media post to share and document it. Whether you’re travelling local or abroad, make your memories and experiences last longer with these simple tips:

Keep a Travel Diary

Have a journal handy. As vintage as it sounds, keeping a diary is still one of the best ways of preserving travel memories especially for those private moments that we want to keep for ourselves. Aside from jotting down the places you went, focus on the details of what you saw, observed and felt.

Take selfies, lots of pictures and videos

With the quality of mobile phones available these days there’s no excuse not to take photos!

When taking photographs, we are mostly guilty of sticking to the usual landmarks that we’ve seen tons of photos of online. Make it more personal, walk around, feel the vibe and seek out photos of the local scenery. Shoot some selfies and take advantage of the beautiful backdrop to have something to post on your Instagram feed and story.

If you’re staying in a property by the beach, showcase the clear blue waters and the stunning sunset, the perfect backdrop for a photo keepsake. Taking a video of the place during your stay is also a great additional to your vacation memorabilia so don’t forget to have some.

Bring a sketchbook

If you’re an artist, it’s worthwhile to keep a sketchbook handy on your trip. The places and unique experiences when travelling will inspire you to create visual stories. These sketches are a great way to look back and document your journey and probably be a theme for your art exhibition?

Start a blog or travel review series

If you’re a travel junkie and would want to share your stories to the world, why not start your own blog? With free and easy to learn platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, share your photos, thoughts and tips that you’ve gained from your trips.

If you’re not too keen on jumping right into blogging, you can consider sharing your stories as a contributor to guest review sites such as TripAdvisor. This is also a great avenue to share your insights and experiences from your hotel accommodation, restaurants you’ve dined in and even some tourist spots.



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What Makes Hotels Different from Airbnb

In today’s digital age, hotels are seeing a lot of competition both online and offline. The rise of accommodation establishments has sprouted from urban cities to rural towns, from 5-star to 1-star-type of hotel accommodations and even based on accommodation type – from boutique hotels to bed and breakfasts.  The competition is even tighter online. With the rise of the big Online Travel Agents to the Group Buying Sites and even to the ever-growing presence of Airbnb – hotels are stepping up for the challenge to stay as visible as ever to the growing number of consumers and travelers all over the world.

But what exactly differentiates a hotel experience from that of an Airbnb experience?

Many millennials would argue that the difference is almost slim – with Airbnb winning the argument for the best value for money. But why do many people still prefer to stay in hotels?

There’s three simple reasons why Airbnb may never be able to compete with hotels. The first being a hotel’s location. The best hotels are almost always located in the best spots in town. You’ll usually find the best hotels fronting the best beaches, or right at the heart of the city’s central business district or even walking distance to the town’s most popular historical sites. Travelers booking with Airbnb can’t expect the best accommodations in terms of location as usually residential areas are located a tad bit farther from the most happening areas. Airbnb guests can almost expect a 5-10 minute walk to the nearest train station or perhaps 2-3 blocks walk from the nearest historical site.

The second reason why guests prefer to book in hotels instead of thru Airbnb is the availability of amenities. An Airbnb apartment with an available swimming pool, fitness center and spa is one of the rarest finds! Hotels pride themselves with the best top-of-the-line amenities available to their guests starting from the buffet breakfast to the lunch service and even the in-room spa.

To top it off, hotels offer 24/7 service to assure that if anything in your room needs repairing, the staff will on it in a few minutes. This brings us to the last reason why hotels still remain to be the main lodging accommodations of most travelers – the service. Hotels make sure that guests have the easiest time checking in and accessing all of their amenities and services. This is quite the opposite for Airbnb accommodations where everything is just about synonymous to self-service. When checked in to an Airbnb, it’s practically just you and the room and the available manuals for each in-room amenity.

All in all, there are still quite a number of reasons why many still prefer staying in hotels over Airbnbs. The price for Airbnb accommodations may usually come out to be cheaper, but what travelers need to always remember is if they’re going on vacation – do they want a hassle-free relaxing trip? Or would they prefer a slightly cheaper do-everything-yourself outing?


For more travel tips and articles, check out the other blogs of one of the best beach resorts and hotels in San Fernando, La Union Aureo Hotels and Resorts!

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How Hospitality Affects Tourism

If there’s one industry that’s ever evolving, it’s definitely the hospitality industry. Hospitality no longer just pertains to hotels or other forms of lodging, but it has expanded to also include restaurants and many forms of transportation such as airlines, cruise ships and fancier trains. Regardless of the business, hospitality plays a big role in tourism.


Tourism mainly involves three factors – Accessibility, Accommodation, and Attraction. Due to the rise of budget airlines and more affordable vehicles, tourists are flocking to remote areas and locations never heard of before, all in search of a unique experience. And while hotel chains are available in a lot of tourist-friendly places, consumers have also shifted their behavior to a preference for boutique hotels that offer a more personalized service. With information readily available at their fingertips, consumers can easily view sights and other places of interest as they plan their next trip.


Travel has become a priority for most consumers now, more than ever. As airlines and infrastructure allow for locations to be more easily accessible, hotels have also popped up in all corners of the globe to readily support the increasing demand of travellers.


The fast expansion of the hospitality industry has allowed tourists to have the confidence to explore and discover the world better, without compromising their interests, preference, and budget. There’s an option for everyone – whether they’re adventure seekers, big families, couples, or even solo travellers.


As the hospitality industry continues to grow, so does tourism. With endless choices available to consumers, it will be an unstopped force.




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What to Expect from the Best Hotel Room Service

When you’re about to book yourself a room at a luxurious hotel for a well-deserved vacation, it’s only fitting that you set high expectations for your whole stay. You consider the hotel’s location, amenities, and the services that they offer. Of course you want to be able to get your money’s worth so you can say that you had the best time and experience in that hotel. So what exactly are the things you need to consider and take note of when you’re expecting the best hotel service?

A Bang for your Buck

Once you enter your room, you must immediately feel that you got your money’s worth. The room must be in clean and pristine condition, your requests must be met with A+ service, and you want to be able to really immerse in the place that you are staying. If you are staying in a city hotel, then you must be able to relax and enjoy despite the hustle and bustle. If you are staying in a beach hotel, then you must be able to bask in the peacefulness and enjoy the amazing view.

Most hotel goers enjoy the feeling of exclusivity and the best hotel room service. The best hotels make sure that all of their rooms are always clean and ready to accommodate guests without having any hassles. Here at Aureo, we always make sure that all of our amenities and rooms are well maintained to ensure our guest’s satisfaction.

Amenities, Food, and Other Services

What’s another good thing about staying at a hotel? Food. The best additional for that are the 24/7 Room Service and of course, who wouldn’t want a breakfast buffet? These things make a guest truly happy when they know they’re eating top quality food from the top chefs. Another amenity that you can enjoy when staying at a hotel is the free Wi-Fi. Make sure you are getting a strong Wi-Fi connection anywhere you go within the hotel’s vicinity. Make sure you also take advantage of the hotel’s other amenities like the pool, massage, or sauna, and their gym. And if you are staying at a hotel resort, don’t be shy to ask the receptionist of any water activity package or any other beach-related activities.

Proximity to Other Locations

If you are looking into stroll around other places in the place where you are staying, then make sure the location of your hotel is accessible to other popular tourist destinations. If not, the concierge should be able to for a transportation service that can bring you to the other places you want to visit.

Did any of these hotel features got you excited? Then you should definitely book a stay at Aureo Hotel, La Union. Aureo Hotel is not only a luxury hotel that can provide you with the best hotel services in town, but Aureo also has tons of activities for the whole gang to that will sure make you enjoy your stay.

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