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Aureo Hotel Room

What to Expect from the Best Hotel Room Service

When you’re about to book yourself a room at a luxurious hotel for a well-deserved vacation, it’s only fitting that you set high expectations for your whole stay. You consider the hotel’s location, amenities, and the services that they offer. Of course, you want to be able to get your money’s worth so you can say that you had the best time and experience in that hotel. So what exactly are the things you need to consider and take note of when you’re expecting the best hotel room service?

A Bang for your Buck

Once you enter your room, you must immediately feel that you got your money’s worth. The room must be in clean and pristine condition, your requests must be met with A+ service, and you want to be able to really immerse in the place that you are staying. If you are staying in a city hotel, then you must be able to relax and enjoy despite the hustle and bustle. If you are staying in a beach hotel, then you must be able to bask in the peacefulness and enjoy the amazing view.

Most hotel goers enjoy the feeling of exclusivity and the best hotel room service. The best hotels make sure that all of their rooms are always clean and ready to accommodate guests without having any hassles. Here at Aureo, we always make sure that all of our amenities and rooms are well maintained to ensure our guest’s satisfaction.

Amenities, Food, and Other Services

What’s another good thing about staying at a hotel? Food. The best additional for that is the 24/7 room service and of course, who wouldn’t want a breakfast buffet? These things make a guest truly happy when they know they’re eating top quality food from the top chefs. Another amenity that you can enjoy when staying at a hotel is the free Wi-Fi. Make sure you are getting a strong Wi-Fi connection anywhere you go within the hotel’s vicinity. Make sure you also take advantage of the hotel’s other amenities like the pool, massage, sauna, and gym. If you are staying at a hotel resort, don’t be shy to ask the receptionist for any water activity package or any other beach-related activities.

Proximity to Other Locations

If you are looking into strolling around other places in the place where you are staying, then make sure the location of your hotel is accessible to other popular tourist destinations. If not, the concierge should be able to for a transportation service that can bring you to the other places you want to visit.

Did any of these hotel features got you excited? Then you should definitely book a stay at Aureo Hotel, La Union. Aureo Hotel is not only a luxury hotel that can provide you with the best hotel services in town, but Aureo also has tons of activities for the whole gang too that will surely make you enjoy your stay. Check out our amenities and rooms or call us for more information.

Email us at or contact us at +63 (02) 893 1111, +63 (072) 888 0833, and +63 917 822 5799 to book your reservations.

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The Best of La Union

What used to be small town in the north, has become one of the country’s top beach destinations nowadays. La Union is a paradise that is only 4-5 hour drive away from the Metro. It is widely known for its waves perfect for surfing. Given the accessibility of the province, no wonder families and friends would flock the town of San Juan every weekend to get their dose of “vitamin sea”. But aside from its captivating beaches, there’s so much more than just La Union’s waves that would make you want to pack your bags and hop on the next bus ride headed to the north.

Take Surfing Lessons

Just to get this out of the way because everyone knows that when you are in La Union, you have to surf. The waves of La Union are very much beginner-friendly so even if it’s your first time, you’ll definitely get the hang of it. Surf lessons are offered with board rental for as low as PHP 200.00.

Hike to Tangadan Falls and Go Cliff-Diving

Others may find the one-hour trek to be challenging because there will be a lot of climbing and balancing. The path is a mixture of mud, water, forest, and rocks. But trust us, the view and experience will be very much worth it. Once you reach the falls, it’s a MUST to take the jump. There are various heights where you can jump off from. You can choose from a 20 ft. jump if you have some reservations, but the highest jump would be from a 40 ft. height at the very top of the falls.

Go on a Food Trip

A vacation is not complete without going on a food trip. Luckily for the beach lovers visiting La Union, the town prospers in a lot of restaurants and cafes that not only serves the best food the town can offer, but the prices are very much affordable as well. Our top 3 recommendations would be: Gefseis Greek Grill; for an authentic taste of Greek cuisine, you should definitely try this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in San Juan.

Every millennial would always need an Instagram-able location, and for that you would definitely want to visit El Union Coffee. Not only is the place Instagram-worthy, but they also serve the finest-quality beverages in the North. Lastly, if you’re on vacation but don’t want to break your diet streak, then you should definitely try out Makai Bowls. It’s the one of the newest food joints in town that serves delicious and healthy smoothie bowls. Keep in mind that their bowls are dairy-free and sugar-free!

Chill out in your hotel in La Union

One of the best things about going on a vacation is definitely your hotel stay. When you’re tired of surfing your heart out, why not just chill and enjoy the amenities of your hotel. Aureo Resort offers a tranquil environment that you can definitely enjoy if you want to take a break after a stressful work week. Aureo Resort is right at the heart of La Union; when you’re finished enjoying the beach front, you can take a dip in our infinity pool. Indulge in our local delicacies created and mastered by our very own chefs. And just as the day is about to end, you can relax in your private balcony while soaking in the view and stunning sunsets of the West Philippine Sea.

If you want an unforgettable experience in La Union, you may book your stay in Aureo Hotel by emailing us at or contacting us at +63 (02) 893 1111, +63 (072) 888 0833, and +63 917 822 5799.



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Aureo Hotels and Resorts’ Newest Website

In an age where the Internet makes everything available to everyone, a hotel’s online presence plays a very crucial role in its ability to attract new and return guests.

Recent studies have shown that majority of consumers have visited a company’s website and have gone as far as reading online reviews prior to making a purchase. This is especially true in the hotel industry where a majority of guests checking in to a hotel most likely already knows what to expect prior to even checking-in. Whether the hotel has great service or is in a bad location or serves bad breakfast or if it has great room interiors – count on majority of the guests to already know exactly what they’re paying for. So the fact that travelers want to know where they’re staying even before they stay there brings attention to the importance of having a fully functional and well maintained website with updated content.

Aureo Hotels & Resorts, the first of its kind and the newest 4-star resort hotel in La Union, thrives to be a pioneer in the industry. Boasting with 58 distinctly designed rooms, Aureo La Union is everything you would expect it to be. Each room has a beautiful view of the well-manicured garden or the architecturally designed swimming pools, perfect for lounging after a day at the beach. Guests are likewise treated to the magnificent view and the majestic sound of the ocean while eating their meals in the restaurant overlooking the wide stretch of the San Fernando beach.

Established in 2016, Aureo Hotels and Resort is the best place for relaxation and rejuvenation that is only a three-hour drive away from Metro Manila.

Like many other hotel resorts located near key beaches in the Philippines, Aureo strives to reach out to its guests not only by offering top notch service within the resort premises but also thru different online channels, such as thru its new state-of-the-art website, where guests can view the different amenities of the resort, as well as the latest news and promotions of the hotel. Guests can likewise book their preferred rooms thru the website and receive immediate confirmation from the hotel upon booking.

Aureo Hotels & Resorts aims to be a forerunner, setting a very high standard for the resort hotels in San Fernando, La Union. By constantly improving its amenities and guest services, Aureo aims to give guests a different resort experience. Aureo would then like to invite all of its guests to continually visit its website for promotions and updates and to give feedback to the management on how they can better make your beach holiday an even unforgettable one.

Contact us for bookings and reservations now!

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