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Airbnb is one of the biggest game-changer when it comes to new technology-driven businesses. It made an individual whole traveling experience convenient and much more affordable. It allowed people from all over the world to connect with one another at a much cheaper cost compared to the traditional hotel booking. But what its advantage in price difference, lacks in the overall hospitality experience. So when it comes to booking your accommodation for your next travel destination, will you book in an Airbnb or still go for a hotel? Here are some things that might help you decide.

  1. Reason for travel

Are you traveling for business or pleasure? These 2 things have a lot of differences. If you’re coming in for business, then most probably you only need a place where you can leave your valuables and sleep at night. There’s not much time to relax and lounge around so it might be more practical to go for an Airbnb if you’re on a business trip. But if you’re looking to get pampered and taken care of, then staying in a hotel is your best option. Take advantage of the hotel spa, complimentary pool access, and the complimentary breakfast buffet to get the most out of your staycation.

  1. Quality of Stay

You should know that most accommodations rented out on Airbnb are privately owned. Meaning, there would be instances wherein you book accommodation with the owners living with you. This is a non-issue if you are someone who doesn’t mind a little less private set up. Sometimes, people who book in Airbnb find themselves in apartments that are unclean and lacking amenities. But on the contrary, there are also some hosts who will treat you like a king when you stay with them- clean bath towels, will serve you food, and sometimes even take pictures for you. That’s like finding a gem in the dirt! But if you want complete privacy, clean amenities, and room service all day long, then you should definitely just book in a hotel instead.

  1. Budget

When traveling, you must set a budget for yourself before you leave. You don’t want to find yourself running low on funds in an unfamiliar place, right? There is no fixed price when it comes to renting a place in Airbnb. The thing is, you might be able to find a place that fits right for your budget, but after calculating the service fee and clean up fee, you might find your total cost a bit higher than expected. As compared to a hotel wherein they are very upfront about their costings, unless of course, you have some additional after you check out. With hotels, there is also a higher chance that your room will get upgraded, or the hotel might offer you free meals or other services, at no additional costs.

Staying in an Airbnb or a hotel has its pros and cons. And at present, we’re very fortunate to have these two options available for us to just decide on when we travel. At the end of the day, you should be able to choose the accommodation that best suits your lifestyle, is comfortable and convenient for you, and most of all, won’t do great damage to your budget.

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