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We take so much time planning on a trip, yet we often stick to a basic social media post to share and document it. Whether you’re traveling locally or abroad, make your memories and experiences last longer with these simple tips:

Keep a Travel Diary

Have a journal handy. As vintage as it sounds, keeping a diary is still one of the best ways of preserving travel memories especially for those private moments that we want to keep for ourselves. Aside from jotting down the places you went, focus on the details of what you saw, observed and felt.

Take selfies, lots of pictures and videos

With the quality of mobile phones available these days there’s no excuse not to take photos!

When taking photographs, a lot of us are guilty of sticking to the usual landmarks that we’ve seen tons of photos of online. Make it more personal, walk around, feel the vibe and seek out photos of the local scenery. Shoot some selfies and take advantage of the beautiful backdrop to have something to post on your Instagram feed and story.

If you’re staying in a property by the beach, showcase the clear blue waters and the stunning sunset, the perfect backdrop for a photo keepsake. Taking a video of the place during your stay is also a great addition to your vacation memorabilia so don’t forget to have some.

Bring a sketchbook

If you’re an artist, it’s worthwhile to keep a sketchbook handy on your trip. The places and unique experiences when traveling will inspire you to create visual stories. These sketches are a great way to look back and document your journey and probably be a theme for your art exhibition?

Start a blog or travel review series

If you’re a travel junkie and would want to share your stories with the world, why not start your own blog? With free and easy to learn platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, share your photos, thoughts and tips that you’ve gained from your trips.

If you’re not too keen on jumping right into blogging, you can consider sharing your stories as a contributor to guest review sites such as TripAdvisor. This is also a great avenue to share your insights and experiences from your hotel accommodation, restaurants you’ve dined in and even some tourist spots.



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