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Hotel Safety Tips for Travelers

While traveling is a recreational, fun and exciting activity, there are still safety and security considerations that we must observe.

Follow these simple steps to ensure a safe and memorable trip:

Before your stay

Before booking your travel arrangements, it will be helpful to check if there are any travel safety advisories for the destination that you’re planning to go to.

Keep an eye on your luggage

Don’t just leave your luggage in the hotel lobby unattended. While the lobby area is often one of the most impressive parts of the hotel, it is also a public space. Keep an eye out on your belongings to avoid the unnecessary stress of missing your valuables.

Don’t let the front desk assign your room out loud

While this may be an SOP for most hotels, ask the front desk to write down your room number and not say it out loud so your security won’t be compromised.

Ask for the hotel’s business card

If you plan to go around town, ask for the hotel’s business card and keep them handy in cases of emergency.

Inspect your room

Before settling in your room, familiarize and check if the windows and door locks are functioning well and are secure from any unwanted visitors.

Use the in-room safe

Don’t just let your cellphones, laptops and other valuable items lounging around your room. When going out, make sure that you keep your belongings secure in the in-room safe. If you feel like the safe is not secure enough, you may request to safekeep your belongings in the hotel front desk. Just remember to request for a luggage receipt to document it.

For your peace of mind, choose a property than values both comfort and security. Aureo La Union provides its guests with 24-hour front desk and security services.

For more information, you may visit


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Airbnb vs Hotel

Airbnb vs. Hotel: Which One Suits your Lifestyle

Airbnb is one of the biggest game-changer when it comes to new technology-driven businesses. It made an individual whole traveling experience convenient and much more affordable. It allowed people from all over the world to connect with one another at a much cheaper cost compared to the traditional hotel booking. But what its advantage in price difference, lacks in the overall hospitality experience. So when it comes to booking your accommodation for your next travel destination, will you book in an Airbnb or still go for a hotel? Here are some things that might help you decide.

  1. Reason for travel

Are you traveling for business or pleasure? These 2 things have a lot of differences. If you’re coming in for business, then most probably you only need a place where you can leave your valuables and sleep at night. There’s not much time to relax and lounge around so it might be more practical to go for an Airbnb if you’re on a business trip. But if you’re looking to get pampered and taken care of, then staying in a hotel is your best option. Take advantage of the hotel spa, complimentary pool access, and the complimentary breakfast buffet to get the most out of your staycation.

  1. Quality of Stay

You should know that most accommodations rented out on Airbnb are privately owned. Meaning, there would be instances wherein you book accommodation with the owners living with you. This is a non-issue if you are someone who doesn’t mind a little less private set up. Sometimes, people who book in Airbnb find themselves in apartments that are unclean and lacking amenities. But on the contrary, there are also some hosts who will treat you like a king when you stay with them- clean bath towels, will serve you food, and sometimes even take pictures for you. That’s like finding a gem in the dirt! But if you want complete privacy, clean amenities, and room service all day long, then you should definitely just book in a hotel instead.

  1. Budget

When traveling, you must set a budget for yourself before you leave. You don’t want to find yourself running low on funds in an unfamiliar place, right? There is no fixed price when it comes to renting a place in Airbnb. The thing is, you might be able to find a place that fits right for your budget, but after calculating the service fee and clean up fee, you might find your total cost a bit higher than expected. As compared to a hotel wherein they are very upfront about their costings, unless of course, you have some additional after you check out. With hotels, there is also a higher chance that your room will get upgraded, or the hotel might offer you free meals or other services, at no additional costs.

Staying in an Airbnb or a hotel has its pros and cons. And at present, we’re very fortunate to have these two options available for us to just decide on when we travel. At the end of the day, you should be able to choose the accommodation that best suits your lifestyle, is comfortable and convenient for you, and most of all, won’t do great damage to your budget.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind up north, Aureo La Union is definitely a place you should check out. With hospitality services like no other, you’re definitely in good hands with Aureo. For bookings and inquiries, visit us at

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Hotel direct booking

Reasons Why You Should Book Directly with a Hotel

While it’s true that online travel agencies make it so easy for us to book hotels and compare against thousands of lodging accommodations with different prices, amenities and offerings, the truth is that there are far more benefits in booking rooms directly to a hotel rather than thru a third-party travel agency.

In this article, we’ll list down the top five reasons why guests should opt to book direct with hotels rather than thru a third-party website or agent:

  1. You’ll most likely be guaranteed the lowest available rate

Online Travel Agencies are traditionally known to yield their rates too often that users are seldom guaranteed to be able to avail of the same rate regardless of similarity in booking time and preference in room type. However, booking directly with a hotel almost always assures guests that the hotel will offer the best available room rate to guests. You can also be sure that the hotel will offer you the latest promos and discounts available!

  1. It will be easier (and cheaper) to change your booking, just in case

It happens to the best of us – delayed flights, canceled trips, last-minute changes in plans. To ensure that you don’t have a hard time changing plans, making booking revisions or any last-minute changes in schedule of arrival – book direct. Changing plans will only be a call or email away to the hotel’s reservations agent, versus having to go through a third-party agency, waiting a few hours until they’ve touched base with the hotel agent for a confirmation on your requested change in booking.

  1. You may be able to avail of benefits or loyalty points

Nowadays, hotels are learning to reward their clients for booking directly. Many hotels even offer discounts upon return if you book direct instead of thru a third-party agency. Avail of these special discounts, promos and loyalty points simply by emailing/calling or visiting the hotel’s website. Or if you have a particular sales agent that you like, you may be able to call them directly at any time of the day!

  1. You’ll be able to directly request for specific room assignments

Booking through a third-party online agency has made booking a hotel room less and less personal in that you’re left to simply choose a room type, your date of stay, and input your time of arrival. This leaves very little room for upgrade requests or even simple requests of getting a room closest to the elevator or the stairs. Although online travel agency websites usually leave a little box for individual guest requests, more often than not, these requests are overlooked and given less priority by hotels compared to guest requirements and desires that are personally communicated directly to a reservations staff.

  1. You may be able to take advantage of special deals and/or credit card bonuses

Hotels offer a variety of promotions and discounts depending on seasonality. These promotions are simply not published on online travel agencies due to the increased margins of these websites against hotel providers. For this reason, guests booking through these third-party sites miss out on great bundles and promotions such as rooms with free beverage or food credits and other promotions tied in with special discounts in the hotel’s other partner establishments. Just as well, booking directly with your credit card may have its different perks especially if the hotel has several partnerships with different banks. Don’t miss out on these promotions by booking direct with the hotel.

All in all, yes, it may be more convenient to book thru online travel agents who can show you a variety of hotels that fit within your budget and allow you to compare across different hotels on a single page. However, these online travel agents should be utilized simply to compare options and prices. Bookings should be made directly to the hotel provider.

Booking directly with the hotel allows greater leeway for changes in plans and gives the guest a better opportunity to avail of the best promotions and packages direct from the hotel. At the same time, guests can be assured that they are being offered the best available rate and may be offered future discounts for their next visit!


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spending time alone in a hotel

Spending Time Alone in a Hotel

Whether it’s traveling for business or just getting time off for yourself, there’s beauty in solitude when staying solo in your hotel room.

Make your solo hotel stay relaxing and delightful with these activities.

Make yourself at home

Having a clean, well-designed hotel room all to yourself means one thing – you can be comfortable! Enjoy your solo moment and wear your favorite pair of pajamas or just lounge around in the hotel’s bathrobe.

Ask for a tour

Get to know the staff and the property by asking for a tour. Freely approach the hotel’s front desk and request for a tour so you can get the most of your stay and know about the property’s offerings, amenities and facilities.

Get your money’s worth

From toiletries, coffee, tea and welcome drinks, make the most of what you paid for by enjoying the free amenities that the hotel will happily provide for you.

Pamper yourself

The best thing about staying in a hotel is that they have clean bathrooms. Have a spa-day in your hotel bathroom, just bring in your favorite playlist and enjoy the shower and hotel toiletries. If there’s a bathtub (lucky you!), soak in and enjoy a bubble bath. The hotel bed is also perfect to lounge for some face mask hydration.

Get creative

Spending time alone especially in a nice place like a hotel can inspire you to dig into your creative side. Have you been meaning to get back into writing? Relish the peace and quiet and get your ideas flowing in. If you’re into art, find inspiring views and start doodling or sketching your favorite sceneries within the property.

Get a good night’s sleep

With our hectic urban lifestyles, a good night sleep is a luxury for most. As a focal point of every hotel room, the bed should be spacious and inviting. With its soft sheets and fluffy pillows, recharge, and get that well-deserved full sleep on your solo hotel stay.

Whether you’re traveling solo for business or leisure, make your solo hotel stay extra memorable with these simple tips.

And if you are looking for the best place to stay in La Union, check out Aureo! Our various amenities and cozy rooms will surely make your dream vacation come to life! Visit our website now at

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tips on planning your next trip

Tips on Planning your Next Trip

The vacation season is almost approaching! Have you planned your summer yet?

Planning your next trip can be really tough when you don’t know what to do first. To help you out, here are some useful step by step tips on planning your next trip!

  • Choose your location

When choosing the location for your next trip, there are two questions that you need to ask yourself to help you decide:

Do you want your trip to be an adventure?

Or, do you just want to relax under the warmth and sunshine?

This will actually make it easier for you to narrow down your options in terms of the locations that you would want to visit for your next trip.

  • Decide on your budget

If you are already done with choosing your location, the next thing that you should be aware of is the amount money that you are planning to spend on this vacation. Budgeting and doing a breakdown of your expenses for the trip is better to make sure that you will not overspend in a vacation. After all, having the best vacation is not just about how expensive it is but also the happiness, enjoyment, and the memories that you will get from it.

  • Mark the date

Now that you have the right location and the budget, then you can now plan the date on when do you want to go. You also have to think on the number of days of your stay especially if you’re going to stay in a hotel. Just make sure that you are true to your budget when it comes to booking. There are actually some ways to know or foresee at the very least your total payment for that stay. Check out the online booking system of Aureo La Union!

  • Plan your baggage

Whether it’s a short vacation or a long one, it is best for you to list down carefully all your nitty-gritties during trips. In this manner, you’ll be able to know what things should you put in your bag and not forget the important ones.

Now that the summer heat is almost approaching, you might want to visit a place where you can enjoy the sun but also have the best place to stay. Here at Aureo La Union, we commit ourselves to be your sanctuary to relax and unwind. Call us at (072) 888 0833 / (02) 893 1111 / (63) 917 822 5799 or email us at for inquiry and reservations!

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